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Our program offers you something today that your future self will thank you for. We are a student development organization that has developed thousands of entrepreneurs – like yourself – to manage a summer business. You get to be your own boss, and we get to see you grow into the leader you already are.

The Entrepreneurs Start Here program is powered by College Pro. You may recognize the brand, which focuses on two core areas: (1) the development of student entrepreneurs, and (2) the delivery of residential window cleaning & painting services. College Pro is the brand most recognized by our home owners, while the Entrepreneurs Start Here program is the model that drives it all: we coach you to run a business that delivers services to your customers through a highly focused coaching and skill development process. You come out with unparalleled skills to channel into whatever your future dreams hold.

Here's a breakdown of the process

YEAR 1 | Owner-Operator
You'll run an owner-operator style business in which you'll learn foundational business skills including: goal setting, business planning, marketing, sales, financial management, interviewing, scheduling and leadership. You will be trained in monthly conferences and will develop your depth of skill through weekly 1-on-1 coaching meetings and the daily grind of actually running your own business. In year 1, you'll master how to lead yourself effectively. First year entrepreneurs, on average, generate a $30,000 revenue in their business.

YEAR 2 | Owner
With foundational skills under your belt, you'll continue to develop yourself and grow your business, adding skills such as: problem solving, conflict resolution and higher-level leadership. During year 2, you'll learn how to effectively lead others and significantly grow your revenue. Average second year entrepreneurs generate $50,000 in revenue.

YEAR 3 | Multi-Tier
Welcome to goal setting and development, on steroids! During this phase, you'll lead through additional layers in your business, adding skills like: situational leadership, delegation and priority management to your arsenal. At this stage, you're much more skilled, and you're leading others toward becoming entrepreneurs in their own right. You'll now have the entrepreneurial acumen to see tremendous growth in your business. In year 3, our average entrepreneur generates $100,000 in revenue, and becomes a candidate for our Leadership Team, having shown exceptional growth and leadership aptitude.

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Grow Here

In August, 2018, Jared Koehl wrapped up a seven year journey in our program, and reflected on his experience with us.

“Every single week, for the past seven years, I’ve sat down with someone older and wiser, who’s given me feedback on my strengths and weaknesses. I learned a lot about myself.”

Jared began our program as a painter on a summer crew, and left as an experienced entrepreneurship coach with many options on his plate. He reflected on his journey, saying: “my time with College Pro was always something different, every year was something new - a new challenge - and it brought new learning.” Not one of the seven years was the same - 50% of that was Jared developing himself, the other 50% was the program's structure providing him different opportunities. Jared also took it upon himself to master something new each year of his journey. He says, “every year was very different, and challenging, but in a very different way. That’s what I liked about it; it was awesome!”

“Every year was very different, and challenging, but in a very different way. That’s what I liked about it; it was awesome!”

The program, at 'it’s best'

In Jared’s opinion, the program is best when followed over multiple years. He says, “it moves very fast and there is so much to learn that it stacks year over year.” That said, he commented that there is support for all types of learners, and support at every stage. The way Jared articulated his skill stacking, year over year, was:

  • Painter: small-scale setting and hitting goals. Our crew of 3 had to learn to get along and set and hit daily goals.
  • Franchisee: goal setting on steroids. I had to hit goals in a bunch of areas, from administrative to sales. My first year I learned how to manage myself (which was hard), then I learned how to effectively lead others in my second year.
  • Coach: leading and training business owners. I was more mature and more bought in, I was leading people who were more invested, and there was more pressure on me as a coach.

  • The difference in what Jared was doing

    He was always ‘ON’, always thinking about what was next. Everything Jared did was very calculated - and it had to be - because of all the different things going on: school, work, relationships, coaching people who were running a business. "My friends had fewer things going on in their world."

    Next for Jared

    He plans on building something that is a business, and has an environment that people want to be in. That’s his vision, and where he's going. "I need to find the model and want to challenge myself and find something new." But in the interim, he's bought a one-way ticket to central America to go cultivate new experiences. #adiós

    Jared Koehl

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    Since 1971, we've been providing a program to launch entrepreneurs, with thousands of our alumni now running impressive businesses and leading teams with skills they began cultivating as students. Right here.

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