The Leadership Team




Vice President, Canada

An entrepreneur since he could walk, Aaron now leads our team of coaches. He’s got a B.B.A from Laurier, and is a certified skill examiner. He was the first to run a 100K business in our program, charting the way for many others since. He’s also a pro bass angler.



Sr. Entrepreneur Coach, Canada

She’s an excellence-level coach, who’s been leading our teams since 2014, and simply put, is just delightful. Jessica brings a caring enthusiasm to all that she does, from leading marching band to practicing yoga. She got her HBA from UWO and believes chocolate > vanilla 😱.



Sr. Entrepreneur Coach, Canada

She’s lived on both coasts, landing in Ottawa where she’s grown an impressive business, and coached a team around her. Second ever to achieve our $350K career sales milestone, she remains humble, curious and approachable. Would you believe she used to deliver pizza?



Sr. Entrepreneur Coach, ON

It was meant to be when her competitive spirit landed here. Lauren is a President’s Award winner with a BKin from U of PEI who brings a sporty and engaging element to her coaching. Unique skill: she can whistle and hum simultaneously.



Entrepreneur Coach, ON

Our resident animal lover (she has 6 pets). Sam will keep you on your toes with her quick wit, and her intensity. First ever to hit $350K career sales in our program, she’s now coaching high-performance teams. A Criminology and Psychology grad from U of Ottawa, who’s never once tasted meat.



Entrepreneur Coach, BC

He’s our gentle giant – or at least tallest guy on the team. Rowan is genuine in his care for those around him, cherishing time on the family farm as well as time spent leading and developing his team. He’s studying Arts at TRU, and seriously loves to debate (sooo, is it Laurel or Yanny?).



Entrepreneur Coach, ON

Team-work makes the dream-work, right? Bailey has thrice run a successful partnership, all while completing her BSc. Now she brings her ambitious and pragmatic style to play as one of our coaches. Oh, and she makes an excellent guacamole.



Entrepreneur Coach, ON

He started his entrepreneurial journey while starting University. Now a 3-year veteran of our program, Jesse knows how to grind to hit the goal. He’s a Social Science & Business Comm. major who is just full of exuberance. He’s also a member of the Zeta Psi fraternity.



Entrepreneur Coach, ON

Camp counsellor, turned entrepreneur, turned entrepreneur coach. Matt is a salt-of-the-earth guy, known around the team for his selfless generosity. He can also solve a Rubik’s cube in <1min, and fit 48 grapes in his mouth… should come in handy while he studies Sport Business?!?!



Entrepreneur Coach, ON

High 🖐🏽 to this Prom King (seriously). He has put his sales & marketing education to good use as one of a select few summer entrepreneurs to achieve six-figure revenue. Make no mistake, while he’s an incredible performer, Dakotah remains an altruistic guy with a heart of gold.



Entrepreneur Coach, ON

Tenacity has paid off for Emily, as a President’s Award winning entrepreneur every year in our program. Studying Biology at the U of Guelph, unsurprisingly, she loves animals: an avid horseback rider, and proud owner of fluffy cat, Enzo. She’s pint sized, with big charisma.



In A Few Years

Our coaches all began as entrepreneurs here. We’ve learned that the best foundation for an effective coach is one who can truly understand and empathize with the learning process, having gone through it themselves. We’re always looking for exceptional leaders to join our team.